The advantages of Mazda 6

From the first glance at the Mazda family vehicles comes the impression that Japanese engineers have sold their souls to the devil. At the prestigious European award in the field of industrial design Red Dot three cars of this brand were awarded. We had to test the updated blue Mazda 6 in the maximum configuration with a dazzling white leather interior, unfortunately, it was not included in this triad, it must be too perfect to be assessed. New Mazda 6 of the 2015 model year was even more aggressive and dynamic – almost five meters of the charm in the style of Kodo. The sedan received a new, slightly modified grille, trim headlights like the head optics are fully led.

Grille is trimmed with chrome strips, along with a special light, which adds to the vehicle aesthetics in the dark.
The main advantages of led optics
ofMazda 6 are learned in motion. Before xenon headlights you had to switch from main beam to dipped beam, but now they are controlled by an intelligent system of ALH, which puts out only those LEDs that can blind drivers, while the side remains lit. It is very convenient, especially in places where pedestrians do not know about the existence of the flickers. We will add that adaptive optics, i.e. changes the direction of the light beam are depending on rotation of the steering wheel.

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